Fans call out late Baba Suwe’s son, for sharing video of his corpse on social media

Written by on November 23, 2021

Social media users have called out son of the late Baba Suwe for sharing the a video of the his late father’s corpse. A certain fan of the late actor took to social media to berate the son as he wrote:

“If Baba Suwe’s son is just as daft to dishonor his father’s corpse the way he did, I beseech you friends of mine to please not be dafter by helping him spread his social disease up and about!
Allow the buck stop with you! Let there be a ceiling for your wanton need for clicks, likes, clout-chasing and media attention. Show your love by your restraint. Show your love by respecting his deceased state. Remember he once was a vibrant human like the rest of us!
Thank You And May God Bless You.”


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