Femi Ogedengbe: ‘I have achieved more as a security guard in USA than I did in Nigeria”

Written by on February 6, 2018

Femi Ogedengbe has attacked those criticizing his job as a security guard, saying he has achieved more than he did as an actor.

In 2016, Ogedengbe relocated to the United States of America, a move he recently revealed was prompted by poverty.

In a new video, an angry Ogedengbe addressed his critics, saying that the only people who should be ashamed are the leaders and Nigerians who have failed to make the country work.

The actor added that he has achieved more as a security guard than he did as an actor in Nigeria.
“Oh yes! I am now a security guard in the USA and so what? Well, I have only been doing this for a little more than one year now and I can boldly say without any shame that what I have achieved more than I did in my father’s land being an actor/director/producer for over twenty-something years.”

Femi Ogedengbe said most African Leaders once did menial jobs
“In fact, the stories about most pan-Africa Leaders like Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Robert Mugabe and a host of the generation after them were all involved in one menial job or the other across western countries to support their education.

But today, we can only remember them for being great African leaders and not for the dirty jobs they had to do on their road to greatness. Indeed the end justifies the means.”

He added that the only people who should be ashamed of their jobs are Nigerian leaders
“It’s a shame. I don’t know when this country is going to get better. All we the youths do is go on social media attacking each other.

You don’t see any youth see any good in what the other person is doing. We are always looking for the fault in what the other person is doing.

“Femi Ogendegeb, an actor, he is now a security guard. Look at you, I should be ashamed that I am a security man?

You the leaders should be ashamed. You Nigerians that have been unable to make the country work should be ashamed of yourself.

I have worked in Tanazania, I was celebrated. The likes of Mercy Johnson, Nkiru Sylvanus and Emmanuel Francis knew what I did when I went to Tanzania with the trade of filmmaking. I was respected.”

Before Femi Ogedengbe left Nigeria in 2016
Before his move, Oogedengbe was a popular actor in Nigeria. He was known for movies such as “Onilara” (2008),She Is My Sister” (2007) and “She is My Sister 2″ (2007).

He made the decision to move after he discovered that the industry was becoming tribalistic.

“In 2005, I discovered that the Nollywood industry, where I belong, was becoming more and more a tribalistic industry because a few financiers who were throwing in money for productions dictated who appear in the movies,” he told Kemifilami during an interview.

The actor is currently a trained security guard. He has obtained a guard card, which is needed to work as a guard in the US.

He hopes to own his own security company soon.


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