Feminism: See what Nigerians are saying about DJ Cuppy’s comment

Written by on August 31, 2018

Nigerians have reacted to DJ Cuppy saying she stopped being a feminist, because she doesn’t understand it.

In a recent interview, Florence Otedola, professionally known as DJ Cuppy stated that she would rather focus her energy on building a future than have debates on the role of women in the society.

Her stance on gender equality went viral and Nigerians on twitter reacted. While some thought she had a point, some others slammed her for being apparently ignorant to the plights of many women.


 “I used to consider myself a feminist, until I realised that I did not really understand it. I don’t like people who are hypocrites. People are out there speaking about women rights, but behind closed doors are doing crazy things.

“I will never come out as a feminist, because I am in a male dominated industry, so I have a certain scenario. I deal with men on a daily basis and I realise that they will always think that they are better than women. I don’t think it is going to solve it.

“But you must also limit the amount of attention you give them, because let’s be honest, the more energy you put into one thing, the less time you can into another.

“If I literally sat down all day and spoke about how hard it is being a woman, I won’t have time to sit here talking with you, because I will be somewhere in Alade market talking about how women need better rights.” She said

Nigerians on twitter reacted differently to her comment. See below:




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