I Am Not Ready For Marriage-Falz Talks About Marriage

Written by on November 14, 2017

Nigerian rapper and comedian, Folarinde Falana popularly known by his stage name Falz has talked about marriage and his ideal woman. In an interview,  the young bachelor expressed that he is not ready for marriage, adding that it would happen naturally if it happens.  Falz talked about what he wants in a woman he wants to marry. He said: “I don’t have plans for getting married right now. I’ll let it come naturally; whenever God says it’s the right time. I like someone who is intelligent and highly cerebral. We need to be compatible and she being pretty wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Falz  reacted social media concerning his age. Many Nigerians on social media had expressed that the rapper lied about his age. In the interview, the rapper noted that he has no idea why Nigerians would think he lied about his age. The rapper who had reportedly said he would provide his birth certificate to Nigerians as proof claimed he was joking when he made the statement. “I just said it as a joke. I have not taken my birth certificate anywhere or shown anybody.

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