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Nigerian singer, Seyi shay was live on the Wetin dey show with Wale powpow and the gang. In her interview she said, she has gone through a lot.

Wale Pow Pow: Seyi Shay said some things, and I want her if she can to shed more light on- she said, when she went through a lot of things, because a lot of people would see a person like Seyi Shay and say she no get problem now, she get money, she popular, wetin she dey think? everybody dey say Seyi Seyi Seyi… Is possible for you to let people know you are only human as well?


Seyi Shay: I have gone through a lot, I mean I haven’t always had money. In fact now still, I don’t have money. Sometimes my company’s account is bigger than my personal account or sometimes my account is so flat that I’m like I need to make the money, I need to find a side hustle or something. You know It’s just real life. It’s not just money that is people’s problem, happiness and peace of mind can also be a problem.
Some people can tell you money can buy happiness and peace of mind.

Baby lawyer: so unlike what a lot think, you are not from the average person who just wants to be happy and live a good life.


Seyi Shay: Happy, sleep in peace. I always want to sleep in peace. I mean look, I have been through trolling, bullying, I’m very misconstrued, I’m very misunderstood, I understand that people don’t really get me and my sense of humour or my character or my personality because maybe I’m not as out there like kind of ” everybody looks at me” as much I should be.

I’m also not somebody that likes to be in clicks too much and I don’t like to hang on to people because they are trending at times. I feel like if the connection is genuine he’ll be there when you are hot and when you are not. That’s the kind of person I genuinely and truly am. I feel like even if I put that out about myself, that would help. so I’m working on that but I’ve also been stigmatised, I mean there are so many things about my personal life, I have been in a relationship where I loved the man so dearly, I was with him for three years and I ended up catching him in an affair. So that was really really hard and I caught him red-handed in my face, that has never happened to me before, I never thought it would.


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