Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Their Time Apart Is Driving Him Crazy

Written by on March 22, 2018

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Their Time Apart Is Driving Him Crazy

Justin Bieber, 24, is going through a tough time as his relationship with Selena Gomez, 25, is on pause.

She’s currently on vacation with friends in Sydney, Australia, where she appears to be carefree in this new video. However, a source reveals that the same can’t be said for Bieber.

“Justin has Selena on the brain constantly. He is trying to drown it out by hanging with friends and doing stuff on his own time but he keeps thinking about her,” according to reports. “He always wants to be around her, talk to her and be with her. She is like a drug for him, he just needs more and more and more.”

As the Biebs continues to struggle with their time apart, he’s got a few things up his sleeve for when she returns to LA. “He can’t wait until she is back because he wants to really wine and dine her upon her return and really kick start the relationship back up again,” the insider reveals.

It’s unclear when Selena is scheduled to return to the West Coast. But, as seen on her Instagram, she is having the time of her life. She posted a video which showed her laughing on a boat, accompanied by a subliminal message, that she “chose” to take care of herself, “not to prove anything to anyone.” Was she trying to give us insight into her most recent split with Bieber?

Jelena fans went into panic mode after seeing Selena in the arms of another man on a boat on March 19. She was photographed hugging and goofing off in photos with Sydney native, Johnny Rays. While all signs point to a friendship between the two, the photos didn’t appear that way to some fans who claimed they looked too close for comfort.

While Sel has been vacationing Down Under, Bieber has been staying active. He’s been photographed playing hockey and soccer with friends. However, his emotions may be getting the best of him as he took a gnarly fall during a soccer game on March 19, and seemingly broke down on the sidelines of a hockey game on March 17.

As you may recall, Jelena reunited in October 2017, after her split with The Weeknd, 28. They seemed inseparable, having spent New Year’s together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. However, their romance took a rocky turn around Bieber’s birthday on March 1, according to reports.

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