Kiddwaya, Erica, Ozo get strikes as Biggie returns

Written by on August 24, 2020

After a short secret vacation, Big Brother returned on day 34.

While away, Biggie had instructed the Head of House, Kiddwaya never to disclose his disappearance with anyone.

Biggie told Kidd he would communicate with him with a telephone line and he should be in charge of the House.

On his return, Biggie gathered the Housemates in the lounge and played video clips where they flouted rules.

Kiddwaya, Erica and Ozo were found guilty of whispering, which is against the House rule and given strikes each.

Erica and Kidd got two strikes each while Ozo got one strike.

“You are guilty of whispering in the House and you have been caught on other occasions speaking in codes and communicating in hush tones. Two more strikes and you will be disqualified,” Biggie said.

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