“Lagos turned me to a full-time upcoming artiste” – Efe Money

Written by on September 21, 2021

Realskillz and Cera had an interview with Efe Money and he tells us how he became a full artiste thanks to Lagos

Real Skillz: Having so much money, how have you been? What have you been up to?


Efe money: I have been focused on my grind; I have not really been scarce. The only reason people assume I’m scarce is because I became popular off a reality show naturally you are supposed to be out there but as a music artiste, you don’t necessarily have to be out there 24/7, you drop a new project and push and push, and I always see myself as a music artiste and that is how I have always operated even before the whole reality stuff.

Cera: You just dropped a new EP, “Against All Odds” and you featured a gospel artiste, Victor Thompson. Tell us why?


Efe money: My beginning and my end is God and God and everything I do; I always reference God. This EP is an inspirational EP, I mean I’m a Christian, and I’m in a circular country and so I don’t have to send my message to just one side that’s why I didn’t do so much gospel track just try to make you know you could relate with your God from this EP. “But Against All Odds,” the first track is my own song, I did it for me to express myself so putting a gospel artiste is just to show that this is where I am. I just told him to say what I wanted to say in a better way singing it.

Real Skillz: The title of the EP, “Against All Odds,” holds a lot of meaning to you. How so?


Efe money: It embodies everything about Efe as a person because where I’m coming from to where I am right now is been against all odds, serious odds. Those who knew me from Jos as an artiste never knew I will get this big, some did but most people didn’t. So, what happened was that I became successful in Jos, one of the two biggest artistes in Jos shout out to my friend he is late now, we had that saying, “oh if it’s not Efe, it’s my friend” you are booking for an event. So, it used to be a healthy competition there, when we got to the peak of it, e don finish for Jos wetin remain. We used to headline shows, anytime you’re bringing, M.I, Basket mouth, Ice prince, we were the local headliners. Then we expanded to Abuja, Kaduna and then we moved to Lagos at similar times to conquer new grounds.
I got to Lagos and Lagos turned me to a full-time upcoming artiste and in the course of the journey, I knew Lagos was a different ball game sometimes, you don’t approach things in one way and when I saw the opportunity of Big Brother, I just took it.

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