LET’S TALK!! Is It Time For Davido’s Artist, Liya, To Leave DMW?

Written by on May 12, 2022

The sad truth is, DMW as we knew it is over. But what does this mean for Liya?

Yes, Liya is a talent, and she could easily make it somewhere else or even on her own years from now. But what are the odds of that happening?

At DMW, what she had was a huge platform to showcase her talent and put herself out there. Sure, she has done some showcase, but nothing nearly enough for her to be on her own yet.


That notwithstanding, Davido is battling his own career issues and is doing his own thing. He is planning the perfect comeback for his career, and he has an album on the way. Everything happening at DMW has to be about him for now. And if things go well, for possibly the next two years.

This means, he’ll probably have little or no time to take care of his girl, Liya, who he signed sometime last year. So far, she has done one EP, and it’s good. But she needs more and more material to continue to be out here or else everyone’s just going to forget she exists. But Davido can’t have time for anybody else right now.


This is a similar situation to that of Wizkid and Terri at Starboy Records. Whatever plans Terri had for himself had to be put on hold when Wizkid decided it was time to put out his “Made in Lagos” album. Believe it or not, that has affected Terri’s career greatly, and it’s the only reason he’s not currently on levels with artists like Rema and Omah Lay. He’s good enough after all.

Is this the same fate Liya is going to be subjected to? Or is Davido going to come through for her and be her knight in the shining armor? That remains to be seen. But I say, if I was Liya, this will be the time I would run.


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