My tattoos represent different countries – Skales

Written by on March 16, 2021

My tattoos represent different countries – Skales.

Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter John Njeng-Njeng – better known by his stage name, Skales – has revealed that he is tired of having tattoos on his body.


The singer was on MaxHits with Real Skillz and Cera, when the one and only Head warmer OAP told him he likes his tattoo.
Skales replied:

“I’m even tired of the tattoo, I heard it is painful when you want to remove it… so I probably will never remove it. Sometimes, though, I like seeing it on my body.”


Talking about his body tattoos, he discussed how painful getting the tattoos can be, particularly the one on his neck.

“Omo, that neck tattoo is very painful… so I made sure that I did all my tattoos at a spot… I did everything the same day.


When asked how he got over the pain, he replied:

“I’m used to pain! At the beginning, when they started infusing the pin, I felt the pain… however, when it became constant, I got used to it”.


“My tattoos represent different countries:
My first tattoo represents New York, the second represents Canada; I have one each for Dubai, Kenya, Tanzania, and some other countries – even Nigeria, which is the one on my neck.”

The “Shake Body” Crooner also described the tattoo on his arms as his most memorable – because it describes who he is.


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