BBNaija’s Tolanibaj Gets Attacked By Nigerians

Written by on June 9, 2022

Nigerians attack BBNaija’s Tolanibaj online; here’s their reason


Former Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television star, Tolanibaj, was slammed by Nigerians and social media users after she made a contradictory post during the mourning of slain worshippers at Ondo State, Nigeria.

Tolanibaj, posted on her Twitter page on Sunday evening, June 5 that her new vlog will be dropping shortly.


The anger of Nigerians descended on her, as they blast the reality TV star for not showing any form of sympathy for the citizens who were shot dead by unknown gunmen at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo State on Sunday, June 5, during worship.

“A new vlog is dropping shortly 😍😚”, Tolanibaj tweeted.


Recall that it was a bloody Sunday in Ondo State, following a disastrous attack by gunmen, who invaded the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church and killed over 50 congregations including children.

The whole country was left in mourning after the news about the heartbreaking incident broke on Sunday afternoon,


with the majority of people asking the Police and government to take drastic action in bringing the culprits to book.

Meanwhile, taken to the Twitter platform,


Nigerians lashed out at Tolanibaj for her insensitive post at the time she was supposed to lend a voice in condemning the gruesome murder of fellow citizens.

Below are the reactions people shared, following Tolanibaj’s unsympathetic update about her new vlog.


@attah_akor: “Just add E to the end of your username cuz the kind of curse you’re receiving now, your life suppose don Baje”.

@itzbasito: “TBaj knew what she was doing when she tweet that thing because she obviously retweeted a tweet about the Owo incident prior to her insensitive tweet. She tweeted that on purpose to be in the conversation one way or the other, clout is her only way of getting attention”.


@SirDavidBent: “Sabinus that is highly talented, took the cue when he read the room and deleted his skit tweet.

But Tbaj with her fufu face, refused to the delete her vlog tweet. A nuisance to the society, that Tbaj is”.


@Askimee_449: “Tbaj is an example of the fake Nigerians who aren’t even sympathetic towards their fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters”.

@Director_Bello: “Still don’t know why we choose to drag celebrities when they tweet something unrelated to an issue that’s trending,


Tbaj promoting her video doesn’t add or take away from the ondo issue. Use your head & focus on the actual problem, your government”.

@Slutyyy: “This is not the first time Tbaj will do this type of stuff, she is always looking for attention. A complete nuisance”.


@pussypoco: “Tolani is a very stupid person for bringing up a Vlog post on a day like this!!!! Beauty without Brain @tolanibaj”.

@realdonchris1: “Tbaj has always been a senseless twat.. Want to always chase clout so bad.. She knew today was a black Sunday but she decided to be an insensitive person”.


@GeeKinquest_: “I’m not close to Tbaj but i know she can’t be an intelligent person in reality. Who she is, in reality, is who she is behind the keypad and blue app. Just emptiness and a nincompoop”.

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