“No Nigerian celebrity has ever slid into my DM,” Nancy Isime.

Written by on February 10, 2021

Nigerian actress, model, and media personality, Nancy Isime was, recently, on the midday show – #MaxHits with Real Skillz and Cera.

The actress was asked which, between hosting and acting, she would say is a perfect truth.


“The funny part is acting came before presenting, but the thing is that I am very comfortable in doing the two. There is no problem doing two things together; don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do two or three things at the same time. For me, acting and hosting are very amazing, however, time and chance will tell which will come first,” she replied.

Nancy also shared her experience on the first season of Nancy Isime’s show.
According to her: “The season one of the Nancy Isime’s show went really well. People really love the show and some were even asking for the show to make a come back”.


When asked if there’d be anything different in season two, she revealed that: “the show will have a brand new segment¬†in which we will have our
favourite celebrities, in the car. We also have different set and look.”

On the quick-fire question segment:


Nancy was asked: which Nigerian celebrity has ever slid into your DM, to ask you out or for you to be in a relationship with him.
“None of the Nigerian celebrities has ever slid into my DM, for that; though they often slide in to say hello or to commend my work.”

Asked about the most embarrassing moment she’s had, when hosting an event, she replied: “I have never had any embarrassing moment while hosting an event.


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