Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie survives after falling into an uncovered drainage

Written by on November 2, 2019

The actress is lucky to be alive after falling into an open drainage at the car park of the Quilox night club this morning while leaving the night club. She shared a video of herself and the wound she sustained on her Instagram page while she encouraged the management of the Night club to ensure that all the open gutters and drainages are covered and cited that other victims might not be lucky enough to be alive if such incident repeats itself. She thanked GOD for HIS Grace that kept her alive.

She wrote;


“Coming out of@clubquilox this morning I fell into the drainage at the car park. It was a bad experience, please quickly do something about those opened gutters before it kills someone ,
Other people might not have the Grace 
To survive such incident
But I thank God For his grace over my life 
Am doing this because it’s necessary 
Not to talk down on the club
But for corrections to be made
So it doesn’t happen to some one else 
Thank you”


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