Written by on April 25, 2022

There seems to be more drama emanating from the Banky W and Adesua interview with Ebuka, as music producer cum blogger Samklef has called Banky over what he claims are unpaid royalties due to him.

Samklef took to Twitter writing, “Claiming all my eleven years’ royalties for Wizkid superstar album in a bit. My lawyers will reach out. It’s 50/50. Anybody wey don collect my money better reach out o! Samklef fine were o! Make dem tag Banky o! My money go don plenty o! Before him go use am campaign for election.”


Interestingly, the music producer also shared a royalty split sheet as evidence which showed that his name was replaced with that of one Steve Michaels as the song composer for ‘Pakuromo’ off Wizkid’s debut album ‘Superstar.’ He also questioned Banky W’s involvement in the matter, as he is a co-founder of the music label EME which was pivotal to the success of Wizkid.

Samklef made all of his displeasure known in a series of tweets and videos which he did on Instagram live.


In the latest developments, Samklef has now tweeted, “Banky don message me.” In another, he wrote, “Conversation going peacefully.”

Replying to all of the accusations made by Samklef, Banky W wrote in the comment section, “@samklef I don’t think you understand that my name is not there and was NEVER there. EME’S name is not there. We have never taken a dime of these royalties and never will. We have never controlled them. You need to take this up with whoever is controlling this and for goodness sake stop talking about me. I’m not the one in charge. I’m minding my business, please handle yours.”


He also took to his Instagram story writing, “someone should please explain to @samklef that my name is not and was never on this royalty split sheet that’s he’s posting. I’ve never controlled it. He needs to take this up with SONY/ASCAP/BMI and his publisher not me. I’ve never taken a dime of these royalties and never will.”


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