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Late Night on Max

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Late night on Max FM is the night time radio program that is a life saver, life compass, school of discovery and comfort zone for listeners of all ages. From teenagers to young adults to elders, no one is immune to life’s surprises when it comes to love (business and dating relationships) and life (self discovery and mentorship).

The Love Doctor with Daniel Akpata on Max FM provides the perfect platform for people to pour out their hearts without holding back, share their life issues and receive the needed, sincere and practical counsel and solutions from the world famous King of the night Daniel Akpata, the only true, blunt, crazy Love doctor whose training, experience and pedigree in self discovery, life, financial and business intelligence, relationship, marriage as well as psychology is highly reputable. A man who has given himself to the discipline of study and earned several relevant certifications in the relevant fields from international organization, his network of highly cerebral and experienced guests from different walks of life with strong passions in different yet relevant fields and a library of spontaneous, soul touching music serenading the listeners also bring a unique spice to the show.

The phone lines and social media interactions make it highly engaging and effective to reach millions of listeners across the globe while anonymity is guaranteed. The content, structure and impact of the program all attest to the result and testimonies are also shared on air by listeners who have been wise and strong enough to follow counsel. Little wonder the program keeps people awake all night day in, day out in this part of the world and also attracts audiences from Canada, America, Europe and other African countries. I’ve been blessed on countless occasions by late night on Max FM and would be an ingrate not to share with you this amazing experience which is responsible for the transformation, reformation, education and liberation of thousands of minds over the years.

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