Simi Apologizes About Her Tribal Mark Lines In Her #Fvckyouchallenge Cover

Written by on April 1, 2019

Following the trending Kizz Daniel #fvckyouchallenge, Nigeria music sensation, Simi released her own challenge which she used a word that sounds offensive to most Nigerians out there.

Simi has therefore tendered an unreserved apology to everyone who in one way or the other felt insulted about the line on tribal marks in her #fvckyouchallenge cover.

In the lyric, she said in Yoruba language, “do you think I have tribal marks?’’ which many people take to mean “Do you think I am stupid.?

That line of lyric was welcomed by many as it was deemed offensive by a number of people online including model Adetutu OJ. The model who went viral last October after getting the attention of pop star Rihanna took to her Instagram page to question Simi if she was trying to say people with tribal marks are stupid.

She said; “I have tribal marks and I really do appreciate it now because it’s my tribal marks and a lifetime heritage. Listening to @symplysimi

#fuckyouchallenge reminds me of what I have been hearing since I was wise enough to know when people are passing insults to people with tribal marks.

Mostly said by some of my Yoruba people, “Se mo kola ni’’ means do I look like an idiot or stupid?

People with tribal marks are not daft or stupid. I don’t care if they have been saying it for long, but it’s not a right thing to say.”

Reacting to the counter-back, Simi has taken to her Instagram page to apologize for using that line in the lyrics. She said she thought about it and decided to apologise and take down the post on her social media page.

She wrote: ‘Guys, I had to bring down my post cos I used the line ‘O ro bi mo kola ni’ (Do you think I have tribal marks)- which people mean to say ‘Am I stupid’

It’s an old Yoruba joke, but I never acknowledged how insensitive it is. It offended some and I shouldn’t have used it. Lots of unlearning to do. We should remember to be sensitive and empathetic to others. 

Also, I know the video is all over the place already, but it’s a step in the right direction and I apologise to anyone that was/is offended by it. I only ever mean well.

Also, if you think this is extra, it is part of the problem, always letting BS go is how we build the wrong cultures that become hard to shake off’.

After deleting the older video she did edits and changed her line.

Watch new video below:


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Here you go. As you were ☺️ #fvckyouchallenge #canyousiminow

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