Singer, Jazzman Olofin offers free advice to singer, Portable and his promoter, Kogbagidi amidst recent fight

Written by on January 7, 2022

In a recent lengthy message shared by singer, Jazzman Olofin on social media, he called on the fast-rising music artist, Portable and his promoter, Kogbagidi to make peace and seek proper professional advice. This is coming after a video of the duo almost getting physical in a fight surfaced on the internet, making it their second misunderstanding in less than one month since the artist gained fame.



He wrote:

“On PORTABLE. My take:
I tried to ignore the matter like it’s not really my business, but then I’m only human: I see, I feel and I know.
I’ve seen people rise up in full speed and I’ve seen them fall with same speed without even remembering things that happened they they were up.
I think it’s time the people who actually understand the music business sat Portable and his management / promoter down and help them iron out confusing grey areas of their relationships so that all parties will know their rights and the lines not to cross for the sake of progress.


No doubt Portable, Kogbagidi and Poco Lee all need each other. They have a relationship that works like magic, it brought them massive success within few weeks, and trust me relationships that works like pure magic is hard to come by. Some people never see it at all in their lifetime. When you have relationships that works like magic it’s NOT your doing or plan, it’s just the grace of Almighty.
Needless to say when you have a business that works magic you need to be careful not to destroy it with impatience and ego.

Portable seems to be fighting battles both on the inside and on the outside. He’s seeing things only him can see, part of which is the fear of being cheated.
The management too seems to be fighting a battle not to lose the business they’ve invested their time and energy In (probably money too). It won’t be easy to create another “Portable”.


It won’t be fair for members of the public to be making fun of the battle going on between Portable and his management are facing just because they are good “contents” online. Portable and his management team needs your educational, moral and spiritual support so that among themselves they can have UNDERSTANDING, TRUST & LOYALTY. I believe everybody can be happy.
Let the music play!”


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