Anita Brown

  Anita Brown, the rumored mistress of the award-winning music star, recently shared insights into her current relationship status. The swimwear entrepreneur disclosed that she is now involved with white men, Arabs, and professionals not active on social media but invested in stocks and shares there. While delivering this update, she issued a caution to […]

Anita Brown, the woman who claimed to be the pregnant mistress of music sensation Davido, has now revealed the truth about her pregnancy allegations. Previously, this US entrepreneur had garnered significant attention when she accused the singer of being responsible for her pregnancy, substantiating her claims by sharing their chat logs. However, she has now […]

Anita Brown, an entrepreneur based in the United States, and the alleged pregnant partner of the singer Davido, has conveyed her message to him and his wife, Chioma, in response to the recent birth of their twins. She took to her Instagram page to extend her congratulations to the couple on the arrival of their […]

Anita Brown, the alleged pregnant side chick of music star Davido, has resumed her online trolling of the singer’s wife, Chioma. On her Instagram Live, Anita went on a rant, criticizing Chioma and African women over their appearance. She made claims about Chioma undergoing plastic surgery and body-shamed her, calling her body “trashy.” Anita didn’t […]

In a surprising turn of events, Anita Brown, an American OnlyFans star who claims to be expecting a child with popular Nigerian singer Davido, has taken to social media to make a bold promise. Anita has vowed to secure work visas for the struggling babymamas of Davido, citing his alleged failure to provide child support […]

In a surprising turn of events, Anita Brown, a woman from the United States, has come forward accusing popular Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Davido, of impregnating her. This revelation has sparked a wave of controversy and intense discussions among fans and the media alike. With screenshots of alleged conversations and a firm denial of knowing about […]

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