BigBrother Naija

The recent turn of events surrounding the engagement between former Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemates Saga and Nini has left fans in a state of confusion. Initially dismissed as just another prank or publicity stunt, Saga has now clarified that his emotions towards Nini were real all along, and his initial statement claiming it was […]

It was a dice and box game. It featured 35 designated steps, from 1 to 35, with Big Brother’s Eye imprinted on step 35. The housemates were instructed to complete the last stage in the shortest amount of time or the one with the fastest time will win the game.  Biggie called each housemate one […]

For BigBrother Naija housemate and 2nd runner up of the reality TV show, Frodd, took to his social media platform recently to share his terrible experience with a greedy fan who he mistakenly transferred the sum of 50,000 Naira to instead of 5000 Naira during a money giveaway which he was doing to help women. […]

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