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Curvy actress, Princess Shyngle wants ladies to make it a normal practice to be friends with their husbands or boyfriends exes. According to her, it’ll enable them to secure their men better and also allow them to know their men better. See the screenshot of her post below:

Popular Gambian actress and producer, Princess Shyngle recently shared an unpopular opinion about Nigerian men. The actress revealed during a question and answer session on her social media platform that Nigerian men have a lot of beautiful qualities but cheating is, unfortunately, one of them.   “Honestly, Nigerian men know how to spoil their women financially […]

Curvy actress and model, Princess Shyngle recently shared an insightful relationship poston her social media page. In her message, she stated that there is no such thing as a bestie and further revealed that was always sleeping with her male bestie even while she was dating someone else. She also stated that besties will always […]

Rumour Circulating in the past that Burna Boy and Princess Shyngle had at some point dated. Actress Princess Shyngle in a recent statement has confirmed dating Burna Boy months after reports of them having a romantic affair made headlines. Shyngle who congratulated Burna Boy for winning a Grammy award also admitted chasing clout with the […]

Gambian born actress, Princess Shyngle has become the talk of the town with her shocking revelation that she is into both men and women as she has come out to reveal her truth. The actress took to her Instagram Stories to give an update on her weight loss journey. She stated that she doesn’t want […]

Gambian born Nollywood actress, Princess Shyngle has just revealed that her fiance with whom she is about to have a baby with, is presently in jail and says she has no support of any sort from anybody. “I came out with my story because I know there is someone out there going through the same […]

The Gambian born actress, Princess Shyngle who recently shared some information on social media about her breakup with her man with whom she was engaged, has just posted a photo of both of them hugging each other and she followed it with a long epistle of apology, stating that she acted based on her emotions […]

The Gambian-born Nollywood actress who recently took a break off social media in back. She made a post on her Instagram this morning as she launched her very first collection of Snatched By Princess Shyngle wears. Reports have it the actress took a break off social media after weeks of getting engaged to her US-based […]

The curvy, Gambian born Nollywood actress and model, Princess Shyngle is engaged. She shared a video of the proposal event on her Instagram page yesterday the 20th of Sept. The event which took place in the US where she is currently to be with her man, Frederic Badji, who she described “as her tall, dark, […]

Princess Shyngle has shared private messages of seeming rich men trying to lure her to bed. The Gambian actress took to her Instagram page to share screenshots of messages from men offering to pay her as much as $100,000 for a one night stand. She used that opportunity to reiterate that she isn’t into the pleasure […]

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