Victony, the Nigerian superstar, has reached a significant milestone in his music career as his ‘Soweto’ remix featuring Rema & Don Toliver debuts on the UK Official Singles chart. This achievement showcases Victony’s growing influence and recognition on the international music scene. ‘Soweto’ has emerged as one of the biggest Afrobeats songs internationally, captivating […]

Victony’s Global Charge with ‘Soweto’: The Nigerian Music Sensation Making Waves Victony, a rising Nigerian music artist, has been making waves in the global music scene with his hit single ‘Soweto.’ This talented artist has gained widespread recognition for his unique style and captivating performances, earning him a growing fan base and international acclaim. With […]

In a new video released from Clout Africa’s Clout Talk Concert. Victony was asked questions about his accident and he revealed how he tried to shut everyone out for a while. He was one of the guests at the Clout Talk Concert and the video shows him discussing the aftermath of his accident and how he felt after. […]

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