Tonto Dikeh and a few other women speak on reasons behind their ‘bumbum’ surgery

Written by on August 6, 2019

In a recent BBC reportage, Nigerian women revealed the reasons they go under the knife for ‘bumbum’ and other body parts enhancement surgery.

While others decided to stay anonymous as they spoke on the issue, Nollywood actress and mother of 1, Tonto Dikeh, decided to put her face in front of the camera as she revealed that, she didn’t like her tummy fat, so she decided to fix it by going for a surgery, adding that, there is no reason for her to be shy about it as it is her body and she can fix whatever she doesn’t like about it, she also added that it has increased her self confidence and she believes her clothes look better on her now.


Other women that were interviewed who spoke behind the camera also revealed that their self confidence has increased since they conducted the surgery and most Nigerian men actually love ladies with big ‘bumbum’.



The surgeons who conduct the surgeries for these women confirm that the surgery isn’t a choice of body enhancement for the poor and that 95% of their customers in Nigeria are women.








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