What women need to know about vaginal health

Written by on October 25, 2019

Dr. Lauren Streicher, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology of the Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause, clears up popular myths about women’s bodies.

During her interview, she dispelled misconceptions about women’s health.


 The vulva and the vagina are not the same thing

Streicher explained that “90% of the time,” women use the wrong terms for their vaginas, and explained the difference between the two body parts.

“When a woman tells me she has a sore or a rash on her vagina, 100% of the time, the sore is actually on her vulva,” she said. “[The vulva is] the external genital tissue, as opposed to the internal structure that no one sees, unless you are a gynecologist or happen to own a speculum.”


Streicher added that the distinction between two body parts is important, and said that when it comes to health, correct knowledge is key.

“To be “V” informed, women need to know where their “V” is,” she said. “We still live in a society in which ‘good girls’ are not supposed to be sexual, feel pleasure, or acknowledge that they have genitals, much less know or say the proper anatomic terms out loud.”



Credit: Today.com


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