WhiteMoney Is Just Wasting His Time And Money By Making Music

Written by on May 22, 2022

Reality TV became a thing again in Nigeria when Big Brother Naija came back strong a couple of years back.

Since then, quite a number of stars have been made in the process, and some have come out triumphant. Of course, only one person emerges as the winner in the end, but it’s usually always worth it.

The winner, always decided by votes from fans, often gets a gift prize that includes a large sum of cash and a car. With his newfound fame also comes endorsement from brands. This means until the next year, such a person will have the floor and would try to find something worthwhile to channel the money and fame into. Something that can be profitable in the long run.


For many of the winners, that venture is music. For some, it might be modelling or influencing. And for some, it might be acting or filmmaking. But it’s always something in the entertainment industry. More often than not, though, guys come out of Big Brother Naija and choose the wrong thing to focus on.

WhiteMoney is the latest example of a Reality TV star who won a lot of money and now is wasting it all doing the wrong thing. Maybe it’s arrogant, or lack of advice, but I have no idea why someone as talentless as Whitemoney would want to make music.


There is already an oversaturation in the industry and there are enough artists with talent. Some of who are not even getting the attention they deserve. So why would the fans listen to Whitemoney instead? Absolutely no reason.

I’ve heard Whitemoney’s music and honestly, there is no substance in it. No talent, no poise, no direction. Maybe a little effort, but that’s all there is. You can’t make it in the music industry just like that.


People are not obliged to listen to you just because you’re popular. Even famous stars like Laycon who have some substance still find it hard to get the industry to listen. So what the hell is Whitemoney doing?

The truth is, he’s just wasting his time and money trying to break into the music industry. The music industry will not have him and it doesn’t look like that’s gonna change ever.


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