I didn’t want CrossGel-ship to go public – Cross tells Ebuka

Written by on June 15, 2022


On Tuesday night, June 14, Ebuka introduced the topic with a video of Angel and Cross back in the House, reminiscing on their time together, as besties and what was supposedly relationship.

Ebuka was eager to know why, outside the Big Brother House, Cross and Angel didn’t continue with that chemistry as was seen between them in Biggie’s House.


He asked them why they became different persons to each other outside the House.

Ebuka said, “I think her point here now, because I think she acknowledges the fact, if I’m right, that it was never really a relationship.


But even in friendship, you were still sort of not giving enough”

Going further, Ebuka asked, “So, is she right in saying that you were intentional about not commenting on her page, and not wanting to be public with her, as a friend even, not any other thing”?


In his response, Cross maintained that he and Angel tried their best in getting things to work out between them, but it was obvious Angel didn’t want it the way Cross wanted it.

Cross mentioned that he wanted his relationship with Angel to be off social media, pleading with Angel that they don’t have to show to CrossGel supporters or anybody that they’re a thing or in any relationship.


He wanted them to be on their own, while still showing that affection to each other and building the friendship they have together.

But Angel assumed she was giving more, than Cross reciprocated to her.


Cross said,

“Okay, that one was just because of…, I just knew that okay, this whole CrossGel thing was big and I didn’t want to give it a full…


I just wanted her to be her own Angel and I will be my own Cross.

So, I don’t want it to be like…, and that was why when we came out of the House,


I didn’t accept any gift from CrossGel supporters. I just wanted to be on my own.

“So, being a part is right, because I always believe that I’m good enough for me.


Ebuka asked further,

“If I may understand, You didn’t want to fuel it, and you also didn’t want to quench it?


And Cross responds, “Pretty much, Yeah”.

And Ebuka continued,


“Do you think you were a good enough friend to her as she was for you, because I think what’s the cause of all these, about posting, about commenting, about not carrying bag and all of that.

“The peak of the matter is that you didn’t give back enough, as she gave. Do you think she’s right in saying they she’s better friend, and not only a better friend, you were not intentional about showing off the friendship”?


Cross answered, “I wouldn’t think so, honestly. If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t think so.

You can’t tell me how I felt or if I was intentional about that. No.


I don’t think so, but if that’s how you feel, sorry”.

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