“Why I took so long to drop an album” – Johnny Drille

Written by on September 20, 2021

Realskillz and Cera had an interview with Johnny Drille and he discloses why it took him so long to drop an album.

Cera: Why did it take you so long first off to give us an album?


Johnny Drille: Uhm… I don’t know, I – I just think it’s time and chance and just being ready. Uhm, I don’t think I was not ready before, I just think maybe everybody wasn’t ready but I think right now we are at that point.

Real Skillz: Since Mavins signed you in 2017, we didn’t get that album from you, why?


Johnny Drille: I know, I know, it took so long but I’m grateful we were able to put it out there. Big shoutout to the fans for being patient.

Real Skillz: Why did you keep dropping the singles and not the album?


Johnny Drille: To be honest, I always wanted to put out an album, I always saw myself as an album person rather than a single person. But there was a time in the music space, where if you put an album a lot of people would not listen to it, things were happening so fast, and you see that you spend so much time working on so many songs and people would just listen to just one or two and that is it. I know there was an era in the Nigerian music space that everyone was dropping singles, and I should not have been scared of that and just gone out to put out the project cause after that people started welcoming albums.

Cera: Do you think the Covid 19 played a role in that?


Johnny Drille: I think so, Covid changed a lot of things, a lot of people were home, so you had all the time in the world to listen to all the music you want to.

Real Skillz: What did Covid change about you?


Johnny Drille: It’s a tough one, it changed a lot, but I know for artistes in general and I speak for myself and most artistes, that period was one of the worst for artists because artists are used to being on stage out there performing and not being able to do that and being indoors was pretty sad times, especially for me. It just made me realize how much I wanted to be on stage and wanting to be out there, not being able to do that was really depressing.

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