Xenophobia: Comedian, Mr Hyenana reacts to Nigerians reprisal attack

Written by on September 4, 2019

Apparently, some Nigerians have been doing the worse, attacking Nigerian owned businesses here in Nigeria, attacking any foreign citizens in a very reckless manner and even robbing and vandalizing stores perceived to be foreign-owned.

The comedian is among a few celebrities who are using their platform to stop this menace. He, however, revealed that a friend’s store was vandalized in Sangotedo Shoprite.

He wrote this as he shared a video to address this issue ;

“Nigerians Are Worse than South Africans On a lowkey… Now we beginning to Kill eachOther, Rob EachOther, Molest women on the Road,… Una hear say Southy People they harm themselves? Or them dey VANDALIZE them Citizens Store? REMEBER SHOPRITE NA JUST ONE STORE, All Other Stores are owned by Nigerians. THEY Just vandalized a friends Store in Sangotedo shoprite.. NIGERIANS ARE WE MAAAAAD🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🌡 #saynotoxenophobia#Xenophobia #nigeria #letlove#weareOne”


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