Daddy freeze says himself, OluMaintain and ToluMaintain used to belong to a group called Freeze Clan

Written by on August 18, 2021

Media personality and leader of the FreeSheeples movement, DaddyFreeze revealed this afternoon through a comment he shared on a post on social media that, he and the now-defunct Maintain(OluMaintain and ToluMaintain) group used to belong to a music group called, Freeze Clan. The media personality also revealed that all three of them still remain, close friends, even 20yrs after the group fell apart.

He wrote:


@mrolumaintain@iamtolumaintain and I were all part of a group called Freeze Clan which later became FKD in our university days. Tolu was my classmate in secondary school while Olu was his cousin. Although the group fell apart we still remain close 20 plus years later! Mad memories!!”


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