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You can make 1,000 excuses for why you don’t want to work out in the morning. Your bed is too comfy. You’re too tired from the day before. You need to catch enough sleep to be active at work; the list goes on. Enough! If your goal is truly to become a morning exerciser (or to at least have that option a few days a week), the first step is to stop making excuses.

To help jump-start your morning exercise routine, here are 6 easy ways to fit in a workout routine before the rest of your day kicks in.

  1. See The Bright Side


Morning exercise has many health benefits as well as physical benefits, learning this makes it easier for you to incorporate it into your daily schedule. If you have a hard time sticking to a routine, see 13 benefits of working out in the morning to get a wake-up call.

  2.  Start Slow and Gradually Work Your Way Up

For starters, it is advisable to start slow with a workable schedule, one that you can easily flow with without thinking of it as a burden. Then you can work it up and gradually increase the pace, length of time or duration, and intensity.

  3. Be Realistic About Your Schedule

Now one thing is to create a workout schedule, another is to stick by it. There’s no faster way to fail than to set yourself up with unrealistic goals and expectations. Don’t get all excited about starting a workout plan and then creating a schedule that is unrealistic.

Instead, start with short but moderately intense workouts with plenty of warm-ups, then build from there.

  4. Prep Your Night Before

Bedtime routines impact morning workout routines. Don’t go on drinking alcohol before bedtime and expect to be motivated to work out the morning after, you’ll have to say no to a couple of things. Alcohol, Electronic devices, Cell phones, Social media, Narcotics, Caffeine and Sugar.

Instead replace these activities with a visualization of your life plans, dreams, goals and passions.

  5. Record Your Thoughts Afterwards

Capture those magical moments on paper, write about how great you feel and how your day goes after the morning workout sessions.

Record the date and time of your workout routine and its details as well as how you felt afterwards.

  6. Be Consistent

If you want your morning workouts to become a habit, you have to keep working at it, based on research, it takes at least six weeks to establish an exercise habit.

If you are truly dedicated to becoming an early morning exerciser, you must be consistent or you won’t be successful

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