Ahead Of October 14 Warner Bros Releases Teaser Trailer For ‘Joker’

Written by on April 4, 2019

Warner Bros has released the teaser trailer for upcoming movie, ‘Joker’ ahead of the October 14 cinema release.

The first trailer of the film directed by Todd Phillips has Joaquin Phoenix playing the lead role of Arthur Fleck known as the Joker.


In the 2 minutes, 24 seconds long teaser trailer, Fleck is on a mission to try and make the world laugh, and then, through a series of traumatic events, he finally became deranged and legendary the Joker.

Image result for Warner Bros Joker


Fleck’s life into the world of Joker unfolds after a series of beatings, ridicule, loss, and some creepy dances with his mother. The audience is left in the dark as to what Fleck is capable of.

The Joker is the legendary Batman villain in Gotham city.



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