Written by on October 4, 2021

Senegalese-American singer and record producer Akon has weighed in on the situation facing his fellow singer R.Kelly after he was convicted recently in his federal sex crimes trial.

Akon shared his thought when TMZ caught up with him by asking what he thinks about the verdict.

Akon stated, “I believe God makes no mistakes. People can debate back and forth all day, but if it’s happening to him, it’s supposed to happen to him for whatever reason. That’s God’s reason as to why it’s going down. Now that’s something he has to have within himself to reevaluate his whole life, his way of being. To get caught up in a situation like that, whatever happens, is between him and God.”

He continued, “There’s always a way to redeem yourself, but you have to first accept the fact that you are wrong or in a position for that particular purpose and why you are being there in the first place.”

Just so you know R. Kelly is looking at ten years to life in prison when he is sentenced next year. As the embattled singer was found guilty of all nine federal counts including sex crimes, kidnapping, human trafficking, racketeering and obstruction of justice.


He is however still facing another federal trial in Chicago and two other state trials for similar charges.

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