Ama Reginald cries out as clearing fee at Customs triples

Written by on February 20, 2024

Ama Reginald, a well-known influencer and businesswoman, joined the chorus of Nigerians expressing concern about the depreciation of the Nigerian currency. On Instagram, she vented her frustration. She highlighted delays in clearing her goods by the customs office, despite the ongoing rise in the value of the dollar.

Ama Reginald cries out over the clearing fee at Customs and how they gave delayed her goods.

The influencer took to social media to share her sentiments, expressing profound frustration with the challenges of running a business in the country. “Running a business in this country drains you,” she wrote, highlighting the detrimental effects of the current economic climate, particularly the fluctuating dollar rates.

She detailed her struggles with customs, revealing how her shipment had been stuck in Nigeria since Thursday due to customs’ reluctance to release it, citing their intentions to further increase the clearing fee.

This was particularly distressing for Ama, as customs had already raised clearing fees three times within the year. Despite her exhaustion and frustration, Ama remained resolute, affirming her determination to persevere. She encouraged others facing similar struggles not to lose hope and to keep pressing forward.

In her social media post, Ama Reginald’s distress was palpable as she aired her grievances about the challenges she faced as a business owner. The delay in clearing her goods by customs, coupled with the ongoing devaluation of the Nigerian currency, had compounded her frustration.

As a cloth vendor with a sizable fan base, Ama’s concerns resonated deeply, given the impact these delays could have on her business and customer satisfaction. However, amidst her distress, Ama made it clear that she refused to succumb to despair.

Instead, she vowed to maintain her resilience and urged others facing similar challenges to adopt the same mindset, emphasizing the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

The economic downturn in Nigeria has affected individuals across various income brackets, prompting even those previously perceived as financially stable to speak out about their struggles.

Ama Reginald’s candid post on social media echoed the sentiments of many, shedding light on the widespread impact of the depreciating currency and customs-related delays on businesses.


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