Cynthia Morgan drags Psquare and Jude Okoye as she threatens to revolt

Written by on February 19, 2024

Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan, now known as Truly Madrina, launched an attack on the famous music duo Peter and Paul Okoye, along with their brother Jude Okoye, who had been her former label boss.

In a post on her Instagram page, she accused the brothers of being habitual liars and threatened that her revolution would be televised.


Addressing those urging her to move on, she emphasized that it wasn’t easy, especially when she had been eating noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while everyone believed she was living the life of a millionaire.

She expressed her indifference towards him taking her money but warned him against attempting to tarnish her reputation, asserting that he lacked one himself.


“It’s so easy for people to say move on when they weren’t the ones eating noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when everybody thought they were millionaires. I don’t even care about you taking my money but don’t try to ruin my reputation because you don’t have one”.

“The revolution will be televised. The Okoyes are habitual liars”.

In 2020, she shared a screenshot of her press statement, apologizing to him. She clarified that it wasn’t her; she didn’t owe Jude Okoye any apology. She alleged that Jude and Sandra bullied her into writing it, as she lacked access to her Instagram page.


Feeling drained and angry for years, she revealed that suicidal thoughts haunted her. However, she refused to let them win or subject her mother to such pain.

“This was never me. I don’t owe you any apology @judeengees you and your accomplice bullied Sandra into writing an apology. I had no access to this Instagram page for at least a week after that interview and that was why I started unfollowing everybody immediately, I was drained and left with anger for years. the thought of suicide was my only companion but then I just couldn’t let you guys win or let my mum go through such pain in my absence”.

Cynthia Morgan says the Okoyes are habitual liars

Earlier, Cynthia Morgan had publicly criticized Jude Okoye over her unpaid royalties.

She asserted that despite Jude’s claims of her owing money and lacking productivity in his label, she received substantial payments for her performances. For instance, she disclosed receiving N5 million for Coke Studio performances and not less than N1 million for 11 shows at Star Trek.


Emphasizing her discontent, Cynthia Morgan clarified that her silence did not imply acquiescence to Jude’s actions, particularly his failure to remit her due royalties.

In 2020, Cynthia Morgan accused Jude of seizing her social media accounts and depriving her of her stage name upon her departure from the label. Jude refuted these claims with evidence.

Cynthia’s former manager, Joy Tongo, unveiled the contract signed between Cynthia and Jude in October 2013. The contract, spanning four years with a two-year renewal option, stipulated a 50-50 sharing formula. Notably, it did not mention any provision for relinquishing Cynthia’s stage name.


Unrelenting, Cynthia accused Jude of owing her N7 million and continued her tirade against him, expressing her disdain and cursing him.

In response, Jude ridiculed Cynthia’s grievances in a tweet, facetiously comparing his situation to Dangote owing him N20 billion and warning against transforming mere words into reality.


Subsequently, Cynthia initiated legal proceedings against Jude, alleging mismanagement of her intellectual property during their association at Northside Entertainment.

In the court filing, Cynthia demanded a comprehensive account of her intellectual property’s income and expenses. However, the outcome of the court case remains unknown, as Cynthia has not provided any updates to the public.


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