DJ Cuppy gives an update on her relationship life

Written by on February 7, 2024

DJ Cuppy, whose real name is Florence Otedola, has recently shared another update regarding her romantic life. She took to both her Twitter and Instagram stories to express that, at the present moment, she isn’t romantically interested in anyone. This candid declaration hints at a period of self-reflection and personal growth in her journey.

Furthermore, Cuppy attributed her current lack of interest in romantic pursuits to her journey of healing and self-discovery. She elaborated, suggesting that she has undergone significant emotional growth and healing, which has led to her current stance on relationships. It’s evident that she’s taking the time to prioritize her own well-being and personal development before diving into any new romantic endeavors.


In a reflective moment, Cuppy mused about the possibility of her future husband praying for her to remain single. This notion highlights her belief in the power of destiny and divine timing when it comes to matters of the heart. By acknowledging the potential influence of unseen forces on her romantic life, Cuppy reveals a sense of optimism and trust in the universe’s plan for her.

Shifting gears, it’s noteworthy to recall DJ Cuppy’s recent social media query directed towards women who used to engage in late-night conversations with their significant others. Through this inquiry, Cuppy sought to spark a conversation about the evolution of relationships and the passage of time. This introspective questioning suggests a curiosity about the nature of love and its complexities, reflecting Cuppy’s introspective approach to matters of the heart.


While finding humor in the situation, she mentioned that had they been aware, they would have opted to sleep instead of staying up at night conversing with these individuals.

In January of 2024, DJ Cuppy unveiled her New Year resolution. She expressed her desire to give the gym numerous opportunities in the upcoming year. Drawing a comparison between the gym and her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend and ex-fiancé Ryan Taylor, she emphasized her commitment to giving the gym as many chances as she had given her ex.


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