Don’t be desperate about getting married – Sonia Ogbonna

Written by on December 6, 2017

Sonia Ogbonna, a relationship expert and motivational speaker advised singles not to dedicate their entire existence to finding a husband.

The columbia wife of Actor IK Ogbonna explained that women need to focus their strength on building a successful career and working on themselves to be a better person. Read her Instagram post below:


“The biggest mistake a woman can do is dedicating her entire existence into finding a husband. My sister,if your every outing is about desperate ‘husband hunting’ – you need to stop. Redirect ALL THAT energy into working on yourself instead,challenge your capacities,extend your ambitions,work on achieving your goals – invest into becoming the best possible version of yourself ,into becoming a FULFILLED woman who is proud of herself. In love with herself. Find yourself first. And then HE will find YOU.. As A QUEEN ??that you are! I promise you. It’s on him to recognize his own rib that is missing after all.”

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