Harrysong berates wife in alleged leaked chats, threatens her to abort third pregnancy

Written by on January 17, 2024

A rift appears to have emerged in the marriage of Nigerian singer Harrysong and his wife, Alexer, with the singer pressuring her to terminate her third pregnancy.

In a leaked conversation, Harrysong conveyed to his wife that it was the last time he’d bring up the topic of her aborting the pregnancy. He clarified his stance, asserting he wouldn’t take responsibility for the child.

He cited instances of his wife neglecting his grandmother and not attending to household duties despite the financial support he provided. Harrysong suggested she use the money for an abortion.

Tensions escalated as Alexer confronted Harrysong about the women involved with him, questioning if they were superior to her. Surprisingly, the singer affirmed that these women surpassed his wife in various aspects.

Commending his extramarital connections, he described them as more vibrant, sophisticated, educated, wealthier, respectful, and reserved. Adding detail, he mentioned attributes like a more youthful physical appearance, standing breasts, and superior character and values.

He emphasized that he was the one who chose to marry his wife, establishing a context for his actions. This revelation sheds light on the complexities within the marriage and the apparent strain in their relationship.

“And pls, this is the third time am repeating this to you. Take off that pregnancy, I will not be responsible for no more child from you. Take it off now, since you have abandoned my grandmother and refused to cook in the house with the 100k I just sent you now. You can use that 100k to go take off the pregnancy. Final”.

“They are way way better than you. Fresher, Elegant, Educated, Richer, Respected, and more reserved than you. Tighter pu$$y, standing b00bs, plus with better characters and better values. I am the one that chose you, I chose you”.

Harrysong orders wife to abort pregnancy

Recall that while celebrating his wife’s birthday last year, Harrysong jokingly told her of his plans to take a second wife.

Sharing a video of his beautiful wife who he described as the sweetest, he stated that her sweetness wouldn’t stop him from taking a second wife.

Harrysong tied the knot with his woman in March 2022. The couple share two daughters, Daviva, who was born in 2021, and Purity, who was born in December 2022.

The singer had debunked rumors of welcoming twins with his ex-girlfriend, claiming that she had lied about it. Back in 2017, Harrysong had announced that he welcomed a set of twins, a boy and a girl with his then-girlfriend in Beverly Hills, California, United States, who he christened Perez and Tare.

The ‘Reggae Blues’ crooner, however, said he didn’t have a set of twins. According to him, his first child is Daviva, whom he shares with his wife.

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