Israel DMW recounts unpleasant ordeal with kidnappers

Written by on October 5, 2023

Isreal DMW recounts unpleasant ordeal with kidnappers

Isreal DMW recounts unpleasant ordeal with kidnappers

Israel DMW, who serves as the personal logistics manager for the renowned artist Davido, recently shared a harrowing experience from the year 2001.

He recounted an incident in which he and three companions were abducted during their journey from Lagos to Ibadan while traveling in a shared vehicle.

He described how their captors took them deep into a dense forest. Interestingly, he managed to secure his release when the kidnappers determined that he was not a lucrative target for their malevolent activities.


In a display of gratitude towards the divine, Israel expressed his thanks and noted that the abductors provided him with N200 to cover his transportation expenses

“Four of us were kidnapped for rituals in 2001, on our way from Lagos to Ibadan, after entering an along vehicle.
They took us to a very thick forest. I was the only one allowed to go, saying I was a very bad market. They gave me 200 to add to the already 40 naira with me for transportation. I just give glory to God Almighty”.

Isreal DMW recounts ordeal with kidnappers


In a series of recent revelations, both Juliana Olayode and Israel DMW have shared remarkable stories from their past, shedding light on their journeys of growth and transformation.


Juliana Olayode, known for her advocacy on sexual matters, took to her Instagram page to recount a chilling encounter from her past.

She shared a harrowing experience in which she narrowly escaped the clutches of ritualists. Her story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of succumbing to the allure of quick money. With a sense of vulnerability, she opened up about how greed once led her perilously close to a situation she could barely escape.

On a different note, Israel DMW, in a recent revelation, delved into his personal history. He shared a poignant image of himself with an ex-girlfriend from the early 2000s. Isreal candidly revealed that back then, he faced a painful breakup because he couldn’t afford to give his partner N150, a reminder of humbler times. However, life has since taken him on a transformative journey. His story is a testament to the resilience and growth one can experience over the years.


Israel DMW’s path to his current state of life has been marked by significant milestones. Last year, he recounted an embarrassing incident involving Dele Momodu, the prominent media entrepreneur. Isreal vividly recalled an encounter from 2007 when Dele Momodu had accused him of stealing his phone. The situation escalated to the point where Isreal was subjected to a thorough search. This incident, albeit embarrassing, now stands as a vivid memory of his journey towards personal and professional development.



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