Written by on March 17, 2022

Kanye West’s Instagram account has reportedly been suspended for a post attacking The Daily Show host Trevor Noah with a racial slur.

The rapper’s account has been locked for 24 hours by the social media platform after he insulted the South African comedian, Kim Kardashian, and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson.


According to a spokesperson for Meta, the company that owns the social media platform, Kanye’s posts violated their policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying and he will be unable to post, comment or send DMs for 24 hours. The platform may even seek additional steps against the billionaire rapper if further violations occur.

In a series of Instagram posts, Kanye called out Pete Davidson saying he is worried that the comedian will get his ex-wife Kim Kardashian hooked on drugs, because he always goes into rehab every two months.


Kanye also posted a screenshot of an article with the headline, “Pete Davidson Enrages Audience With Jokes About Having Sex With A Baby,” saying it is further evidence why the comedian shouldn’t be allowed near his and Kim Kardashian’s four young children while seemingly mocking his mental breakdown.

As for Trevor Noah, Kanye took aim at the talk show host who weighed in on his family divorce drama.


On the latest episode of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah warned that the online fight between the former couple could get violent and was ‘terrifying to watch’ while also calling the rapper ‘belligerent’.

Throughout the show, Trevor reflected on West’s continuous social media tirades, in which he’s been bashing Kim and making claims that she is keeping him from seeing their four children.


Reacting to this, Kanye shared a screenshot from a google search result, describing Trevor as a “South African comedian”. He also captioned the post “All in together now… Kun baya my lord kun baya Kun baya my lord Kun baya Oooo’ lord K–n baya.”

The rapper was mocking the comedian by using the offensive “kun” slur to replace the original lyrics in “Kumbaya,” a post that was taken down by Instagram.


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