Lilian Afegbai shares secret to attracting quality men

Written by on January 23, 2024

Lilian Afegbai, a Nollywood actress, recently disclosed her strategy for drawing in quality men. On her Twitter page, she explained that a pivotal moment occurred when she began expressing positive sentiments about men and her love life.

In her revelation, Lilian emphasized the transformative effect: once she shifted to affirming and optimistic language, she noticed a shift in the caliber of men entering her life. Drawing from personal experience, she underscored the inconsistency of expecting quality men while consistently labeling men negatively.

Her advice to fellow women was straightforward: articulate your desires positively, and they will manifest. It’s a proactive approach, urging ladies to speak into existence the kind of relationships they aspire to have. In essence, she advocated for a shift in language as a catalyst for attracting the desired quality in men.

“I want to share a tiny secret here.

The minute I started saying positive things about men, my love life and all. I started attracting the kind of men I wanted in my life. You can’t keep saying men are trash and expect quality.

Speak into existence what you want and it will come to you”.

Lilian Afegbai secret to attracting quality men

Some months back, Lilian Afegbai took a swipe at the opposite gënder who are ready for marriage but don’t own houses.

In an interview with media personality, Toke Makinwa on her podcast, Toke Moments, she faulted such men, stating that there is something wrong with any man who doesn’t have a house in his name before settling down.

Speaking of her type of man, she revealed that she isn’t looking for a billionaire, but someone who is comfortable and has a house and car.

Last year, Lilian issued a strong warning to her admirers, stating that an admirer who is not coming to add value to her life and career should not bother as sex is not the only thing that keeps a relationship or marriage.

According to the actress who said sex is overrated, no admirer will want a relationship with her if she is not currently doing well.

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