Maureen Esisi questions people with failed marriages

Written by on January 5, 2024


Maureen Esisi, Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu’s ex-wife, has raised a crucial question concerning individuals with failed marriages.

In a recently deleted social media post, she pondered whether marrying someone with two previous marriages, particularly when the ex-partners are still alive, isn’t a significant red flag.

Emphasizing her stance, she asserted that her opinion remains unaltered, deeming such a person a narcissist.

“Is marrying someone who has been married twice already not a RED FLAG? Like both exes are still alive oo. Not one time, TWICE!!! You can’t tell me nothing, the person is a Narcissist”.

Maureen Esisi speaks on red flag

Her statement has no doubt divided social media as many concurred with her, while others disagreed.

One Eve Soal wrote, “One is a mistake, twice might not be a red flag but you need serious investigation In case he has a trait that contributes to the failure of the marriage. You can’t say two women are mental and he is the saint. If possible speak to the ex-wives so you don’t play yourself

One Ruth Nkeki wrote, “The fault might not be from the man but it’s a red flag. You should have a double mind about such person

One Quincy Focus wrote, “You’re the red flag. Thank God Blossom noticed on time

One Ree Jay wrote, “Big red flag! If he’s divorced once! You have to even look carefully to know what exactly caused the separation! But twice!! Nothing you wan tell me, na the person be the problem

One Tohab wrote, “What if he’s just unlucky

One Mikkyx wrote, “It’s actually a big red flag. It means the fault is from the man/woman. Cause once beaten, twice shy. How dem take beat you two times?

One Ufo Odenigbo wrote, “Sometimes we can’t really judge. Some people are so unfortunate with love. Even if they have been married for the 1000th time doesn’t mean that are bad people. Life is deep”.

Maureen Esisi got married to Blossom in 2015, but the marriage hit the rock in 2019 due to irreconcilable differences.

Opening up about it, Maureen threw a subtle shade at her ex, insinuating that she married into the wrong home.

According to her, despite fulfilling All criteria necessary for a wife material, her marriage didn’t work.

Her ex-husband has since moved on from her, taking another shot at marriage to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s niece, on May 21st, 2022.

Maureen Esisi had reacted to the news by throwing a jibe at her ex for ditching her to marry an older woman.

The socialite was mercilessly dragged for being a bitter ex, and while reacting to their trolling, Maureen vowed to tell her truth. However, Maureen later bowed to pressure as she tendered an apology to his wife.

Some days back, Esisi had bared it all on social media, as she shared a video of her opening up on her ordeal as she admitted that she has been faking her happiness for a while now.

According to her, over the years, she has faced problems, and trauma and has been through a lot, but she has been putting up a tough front in public until something happened to her recently, which shattered her.

She revealed that she hasn’t been able to get over herself since the death of her father and many have been expecting her to be strong. At first, she was also in denial but now she has been affected so badly that she can’t function anymore.

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