My sickness has brought me closer to God.

Written by on February 18, 2019

Veteran indigenous rapper Lord of Ajasa disclosed in a resent interview that his recent ailment has brought him close to God and made him realise that money is not everything in life but health is wealth.

The rapper said:

“I thank God that I am better now. I have been discharged but I still go to LUTH as an outpatient for some treatments. However, I will be undergoing surgery in some weeks’ time and I want everybody, who loves me, to pray for me.

“There were gallstones in my gall bladder; so, I cannot eat much for now and I have to be careful of what I ingest.”

On how the sickness brought him closer to God, he said,

“My fans should be expecting a song from me because I have a lot to talk about. This sickness was a reality check for me. I have noticed that these days, everybody just talks about money; nobody thinks about their well-being.”

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