Nigerian actor Kunle Afolayan releases new movie titled ‘Swallow’

Written by on October 1, 2021

Popular actor and filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, announced the launch of his new movie as he celebrated his birthday on Thursday.

The filmmaker took to his verified social media page to celebrate himself and announce his new projects, a movie and a hub.


Sharing a picture of himself, Afolayan wrote, “Adekunle Ayodeji Akande Omo Afolayan. I thank you, Lord, for everything. My birthday gift to myself is the birth of @kap_hub and SWALLOW the movie. Official opening is today, and Swallow launches on Netflix tomorrow. Thank you to all you guys for being part of my life and my story.”

There were speculations that the Swallow movie was produced by Afolayan’s colleague, Kemi Adetiba.


However, Adetiba had cleared the air about the movie production stating that she only helped in the publicity of the movie but had nothing to do with it.

She said, “I’ve seen a few comments that suggest some might think I’m producing the new Kunle Afolayan movie Swallow, coming out on Netflix- October 1st. Or that I’m involved in some way because I promoted it on my page.


Nothing could be farther from the truth. My post was simply a celebration of two people I admire and respect immensely and pointing everyone to the service where they can watch, and the day it’ll be launched.”


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