Nigerian actress Adunni Ade shares her sexual harassment experience

Written by on October 8, 2021

Nollywood star actress, Adunni Ade recounted her sexual harassment experience on a film set.

The actress recently took to LIVE chat on one of her social media with details of how a sound engineer on an undisclosed set harassed her.


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Ade said the crew member tried to pin a microphone lapel to her dress but decided to push the lapel to her lower back, making for her underwear.

She said that while she tried not to create a scene, the crew member remained persistent about not harassing her. She further revealed that she got an apology from other crew members and was discouraged from reporting to the relevant authorities.


In the meantime, Adunni Ade is set to release a new production titled ‘Soole’ and directed by Kayode Kasum.


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