Written by on February 9, 2022

The alleged leaked sex video of the uprising music artist Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman popularly known as Oxlade has broken the internet and has topped the trend on Twitter all morning with various reviews and comments about the sex video from fans and social media users.


Nigerians woke up to footage of Oxlade having sex with a girl, after which he openly displayed and recorded his nude using his phone on Wednesday.

A similar event broke the internet a while ago when an alleged sex tape of Nigerian sensational musician Tiwa Savage got leaked and broke the internet following an interview where the musician Tiwa Savage stated that she was being blackmailed by someone that had the video in his possession.


Though Oxlade and his team are yet to make an official statement, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react.

Reactions from internet users concerning these two cases have however been totally different. Tiwa Savage received mostly backlashes over her actions even after claiming she was being blackmailed. On the other hand, the uprising musician Oxlade majorly got applauded for his performance in bed.


They are both single, They are both musicians, They committed the same actions.

So then why are the reactions different? Are Nigerians being biased?


See various reactions below

@deoors: “People that bashed Tiwa’s video are applauding that of Oxlade. Different strokes for different folds.”


@Tiwalang: “I think Oxlade is a good artist, but he is better at something else. Your versatility is admirable.”

@sammyconnect2: “Oxlade has blocked the comment section on IG. Bros, we are not trolling; we want to hail you.”


@khanofkanis11: “Apparently, there will never be much uproar when men’s sex tapes get exposes like there is when women’s happen. Tiwa’s case nearly shit the internet down with takes. Nobody cares about Cross’s nudes and everyone laughs about Oxlade’s and how good he is. Hypocrisy.”

@jayythedope: “Many of you are trying to paint Oxlade’s sextape like he committed a crime, smh. Everybody is a virgin on Twitter. It’s high time we all stopped acting like kids whenever things like this happen. When sex tapes get leaked, blame the leaker, that’s the criminal, period!!”


@jedipand: “Nigerians are hypocrites, they bashed Tiwa Savege when her sextape was released, but are not applauding Oxlade because he is a man. Same thing should happen to him too.”


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