Pero Osaiyemi pens heartfelt message to lover, flaunts Valentine’s gifts

Written by on February 15, 2024

Pero Osaiyemi, the devoted mother of three of legendary singer 2Baba’s children, recently took to social media to express her heartfelt appreciation to her beloved partner. Their relationship, which became public knowledge in 2022, has been marked by mutual love and support. In a touching gesture, Pero shared a heartfelt note of gratitude, accompanied by images showcasing the thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts she received from her partner.

Embracing him as ‘her forever’, Pero poured out her appreciation for his unwavering presence in her life. Beyond the material gifts, she emphasized his role in making each day extraordinary and contributing to her personal growth. Through his love and encouragement, he has empowered her to embrace her best self and navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Pero’s heartfelt message resonated with profound gratitude for the profound impact her partner has had on her life.

She credited him with bringing a sense of peace and tranquility into her world, serving as a pillar of strength during both joyful and challenging moments. His unwavering belief in her abilities has instilled a newfound confidence and self-assurance within her, enriching her journey towards personal fulfillment and inner peace.

Deeply moved by his influence, Pero expressed her heartfelt gratitude for his role in nurturing her spiritual journey. His unwavering support and encouragement have helped her renew and reaffirm her faith in God, guiding her towards a deeper understanding of divine love and grace. While words may fall short in capturing the depth of her emotions, Pero’s love for him transcends the limitations of language, echoing the eternal bond they share.

Reflecting on the transformative power of God’s timing, Pero marveled at the beauty of her own journey. As a living testament to His mercy and grace, she found solace in the realization that every experience, both joyful and challenging, has been orchestrated by a higher power. With faith as her guiding light, Pero embraces each day with gratitude and humility, trusting in the divine plan that continues to unfold in her life.

“My forever…. thank you for making every day extra special. Thank you for helping me be the best version of myself. Thank you for loving me unconditionally… My peace, thank you for teaching me patience and believing in me… most of all for helping me renew and affirming my faith in God…words can never express what you mean to me… love you forever!!
In his time, he makes all things beautiful… I am a living testimony of God’s mercy.
Grace found me…
Anu ni mo ri gba
Delay is not denial”.

Pero Osaiyemi pens heartfelt message to lover, flaunts Valentine’s gifts

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