Phyna claps back at comedian Deeone, calls him out for being gay

Written by on January 12, 2024

In the midst of a swiftly intensifying social media drama, comedian Deeone found himself embroiled in a heated online dispute with none other than reality TV star and Big Brother Naija winner, Phyna.

The spark that ignited this virtual clash was Deeone expressing his genuine confusion about Phyna’s bold assertion that she had turned down a staggering $5 million offer from a man.

The narrative took an unexpected turn when Phyna, seemingly provoked by Deeone’s skepticism, took to the digital platform Twitter to deliver a retaliatory blow. In a move that significantly escalated the conflict, she made a serious accusation, publicly labeling the comedian as gay.

What began as a simple expression of doubt morphed into a full-fledged online skirmish, characterized by sharp exchanges, accusations, and retorts.

This digital duel not only gripped the attention of their immediate followers but also drew in a broader audience, as the clash played out in the public eye with each participant fervently defending their stance.

The altercation unfolded as Deeone, through an online video, playfully cast doubt on the legitimacy of Phyna’s claim of turning down 5 million naira.

His humorous skepticism included a lighthearted challenge for her to substantiate her bold declaration with evidence.

This move by Deeone didn’t go unnoticed, with reality TV star Chizzy Francis stepping in to criticize him. Chizzy suggested that, given his gender, Deeone should have refrained from commenting on the matter.

In response to Chizzy Francis’ critique, Phyna, rather than diffusing the tension, expressed confusion at being called out. The situation escalated as she not only questioned Deeone’s manhood but went a step further, boldly asserting that he is gay.

This shocking accusation reverberated through social media, gaining attention, especially considering Deeone’s married status and years-long marital relationship. As of now, Deeone has maintained silence, offering no response to Phyna’s serious claim, leaving followers in suspense regarding how he’ll address this hefty allegation.

In a recent development, news surfaced about Deeone expressing his confusion regarding Phyna’s statement about the $5 million offer. The saga continues, with the online community eagerly awaiting the unfolding drama between Deeone and Phyna.

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