Phyna shades her colleagues as she hails Bella and Sheggz

Written by on January 17, 2024

Reality TV star and former Big Brother Nigeria winner, Phyna, recently ignited excitement among numerous Big Brother Nigeria core fans.

In a swift public service announcement shared on Twitter, she praised the popular BBN couple, Sheggz and Bella, lauding them as the epitome of an ideal couple.

Phyna conveyed her opinion that, in her view, every other Big Brother Nigeria ship, apart from Bella and Sheggz, seemed more like a community introduction. However, this perspective triggered a mixed reaction from netizens, with some appreciating her acknowledgment of one couple while others criticized her for seemingly pulling down other relationships.

It appeared to many that she might be subtly referencing the relationship between Beauty and Neo, a couple that has been under the spotlight in recent weeks. Notably, Phyna had posted a romantic picture of herself with singer Khaid just a week before on Snapchat.

In the shared image, she is seen warmly embracing and holding Khaid, who turns his back to the camera. However, keen netizens managed to deduce his identity.

This incident sparked discussions and speculations online, adding to the ongoing narrative surrounding Big Brother Nigeria relationships.

Phyna shades her colleagues as she hails Bella and Sheggz

A viral Twitter message suggested Sheggz and Bella had split, but he swiftly debunked it. In his response, he asserted that they were still together and thriving.

Contrary to the speculation of a breakup, he utilized Twitter to debunk the claims. His response not only refuted the separation rumors but also showcased his pride in addressing Bella as his wife, underscoring and reaffirming the enduring strength of their relationship.

Bella gushes over Sheggz ”My man is not an ordinary boyfriend but an Odogwu”

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