Sonia, Former Wife of Jude Ighalo, Fires Back at Critics of President Tinubu

Written by on February 19, 2024

Sonia Ighalo, the former wife of Nigerian footballer Jude Ighalo, condemned those who insulted and criticized President Tinubu.

In a series of Instagram posts, she questioned the boldness of his critics and advocated for social media regulation to prevent further deterioration of the country.

Sonia emphasized that just because a tiger moves gently doesn’t mean it lacks strength, urging Nigerians to show respect to President Tinubu.

“Who gave these people the temerity to disrespect the Commander-In-Chief (POFRON)?
I believe that social media should be regulated before it gets out of hand. Life Fr.

People are sabotaging his efforts to make the country worse, but the dull-witted cannot see it”.

“The gentle move of a tiger doesn’t mean it is timid.
Put some RESPECT on his name”.

Tackling a social media user who slammed her for supporting him calling her s!ck, she stated that she wasn’t expecting an intellectual response from him.

“Well, I didn’t expect an intellectual response from you, so I’m not disappointed”.

Sonia Ighalo slams President Tinubu's critics

Sonia wasn’t alone in offering support for him. Comedian Seyi Law actively rallied behind President Tinubu, asserting that if another election were held tomorrow, he’d still vote for Tinubu.

He compared staying with Moses through the wilderness to supporting Tinubu, rather than living in slavery in Egypt, implying Peter Obi represented Egypt.

Seyi Law emphasized that despite widespread pessimism and instant gratification desires in Nigeria, he possessed privileged insight, enabling him to support Tinubu confidently.

Yul Edochie also voiced his backing for Tinubu, citing him as a wise leader with access to crucial information beyond public knowledge.

He acknowledged that Tinubu’s decisions might seem perplexing to the public due to the information disparity between him and citizens.

These endorsements from prominent figures have ignited extensive discussions and reactions among Nigerians and netizens alike.

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