Sunkanmi, “Singer 9ice’s wife”, celebrates him on his 44th birthday with prayerful words

Written by on January 17, 2024

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and dancer, Alexander Abolore Adegbola, commonly known as 9ice, celebrated his birthday, and his lovely wife, Sunkanmi, expressed her sentiments.

On her Instagram page, she posted celebratory photos, affectionately referring to him as her love, accompanied by heartfelt prayers. Sunkanmi wished him abundant happiness, urging him to discover joy in life’s simple pleasures. She prayed for a heart full of gratitude, emphasizing the importance of never losing sight of life’s true essence and always finding reasons to smile.

“Happy Birthday my love,

Heavenly Father, I pray that my husband is blessed with happiness on his birthday and every day of his life. Help him to find joy in the little things and to always have a grateful heart. May he never lose sight of what truly matters in life and may he always find reasons to smile. AMEN”.


In 2022, the couple faced a potential breakup when a video circulated online, capturing 9ice caressing another woman’s breast in a hotel room. He was seen pecking her on the cheek in the video.
Acknowledging his wrongdoing, 9ice released a video apology, recognizing the gravity of his actions that jeopardized his family. He pleaded with fans to intervene and seek forgiveness from his wife.
In response, his wife shared a cryptic post weeks later, asserting her determination to define herself independently and signaling that external opinions wouldn’t sway her.
The union of 9ice and Olasunkami Ajala, which began in December 2019, evolved from an eight-year relationship and parenthood. They share two children.
Notably, 9ice had experienced two prior marriages. His first was to Toni Payne, his former manager, and subsequently to Adetola Anifalaje, a United States-based software engineer.

9ice's wife 'Sunkanmi' celebrates his birthday

In other news, Nigerian music producer and singer, ID Cabasa had opened up on the online drama between his friend, 9ice, and his ex-wife, Toni Payne, which he claimed left him heartbroken.

He disclosed the type of person 9ice is and how he isolated himself and others during the messy divorce. ID Cabasa described the whole thing as the most painful episode as Seun (Toni Payne) was a nice woman and both of them were good together.

Although both parties have moved on from the drama and are doing well in their individual life and are best friends. However, he is giving an insight into the drama and how furious he was when he heard of it, especially with 9ice.

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