Sweery Eke “Mercy Eke’s sister” defends her over alleged age falsification, shares her birth certificate

Written by on January 5, 2024

Sweery Eke, sister to Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem winner Mercy Eke, has defended herself against age falsification accusations.

During the All-Stars show, Mercy claimed she was turning 30, but her passport contradicted this, revealing she was in her late 30s.

The age debate reignited when a clear picture of her international passport, disclosing her actual age of 35, surfaced online. In response to these allegations, Sweery Eke has stepped forward to address the matter.

Sweery Eke defends sister, Mercy Eke over age falsification

Defending her sister, Sweery took to her Instagram page to share a screenshot of Mercy’s birth certificate as she noted how in 2050 people would still be talking about her sister’s success and age.

Though her sister told her not to address it, she stated that it was high time she ended all the madness as her haters could keep hating from the trenches.

Sweery added that the only thing they have against her sister is because of the level of access she has at 30 as she went on to list Mercy Eke’s accomplishments.

From the Birth certificate, the reality star was born in September 1993 and would be clocking 31 this year.

“Even though my sister asked me not to post this, it’s high time we end all this madness, y’all can hate from your trenches, my sister is clear, the only thing y’all have against her is the level of Success, at 30yrs, 3 houses, 3 company’s, lands, cars and living her best life… y’all got nothing on my sister asides lies and jealousy. it’s 2024, get busy or you will still be here running mad at my sister’s success and age come 2050.

Sweery Eke defends sister, Mercy Eke over age falsification

Last year, Mercy Eke came under fire after her real age was exposed after she posted her Voters Card to inform her fans that she was ready for the 2023 Nigerian general elections.

Although she covered her date of birth and address, a follower of hers had to go the extra mile to dig up the details of the Card, exposing Mercy Eke’s real age as 32, and the reality star had claimed that she had celebrated her 29th birthday.

An unbothered Mercy Eke sarcastically addressed it, and in an exchange with a troll, she revealed her real age.

Big Brother Naija housemate, Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Ceec had even shaded her, hinting that she’s too pretty to be 30, a statement which didn’t sit well with Mercy Eke, who blasted her.

Actress, Monalisa Chinda had also thrown a subtle shade at her, declaring that she knows her age and is proud of herself.

Mercy Eke isn’t the only one who has been accused of age falsification.

Actress, Caroline Danjuma was mercilessly dragged online last year after she claimed she was turning 35, which left many in disbelief.

Reacting to it, Caroline slammed her trolls, calling them unintelligent.

In another post, Caroline shared photos of her mother who she stated was in her 50s, as she questioned how she could be in her 40s since her mother was in her 50s and to those asking for her certificates, she questioned if they had ever demanded the certificate of their parents before believing their age.

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